SouthJan, a janitorial cleaning company in Columbia, SC, strives to serve commercial, medical, and industrial facilities with the highest possible level of cleaning excellence.

About SouthJan: Our Ownership

Whereas many cleaning companies are owned by large national corporations or are operated as franchises, SouthJan is and always has been a local, independent, family-owned and operated company. We get involved with our clients on a personal basis and provide an unrivalled level of customer service. The training of our associates and our hands-on style of management give our clients assurance that their janitorial services will be performed according to their expectations.

About SouthJan: Our Philosophy

We believe that the cleaning associates that care for your flooring, trash removal, restroom product supply, glass cleaning, and other responsibilities should be fully trained for each task.

We believe that using environmentally friendly products is not just good for the planet—it’s good for people too.

We believe that it is our responsibility to stay informed about new research on cleaning products and techniques, and to put that research into practice as we serve our clients.

We believe that trust and respect are the foundation of each client relationship, and in keeping with that fact we rigorously screen, background check, and train every new associate.