Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in Columbia SC

How important is floor cleaning services Columbia SC for your building? A beautiful, freshly waxed floor makes an excellent impression on a new customer or client. Clean carpets free of stains make the environment pleasant and comfortable. Dirty, wet flooring surfaces, on the other hand, do more than damage your building’s image, they create unsafe conditions. Poor floor care exposes your guests and employees to injury and leaves your company vulnerable to litigation in the event of a slip and fall or other type of accident. Trust our commercial office cleaning professionals to keep your floors as clean and safe as possible.

Types of Floor Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Our janitorial associates achieve excellence in your building’s flooring conditions through training in these techniques:

Hard Floors:

  • Waxing
  • Stripping
  • Buffing
  • Water extraction
  • Machine scrub


  • Steam cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Spot cleaning and stain removal

Facilities Served

From industrial to commercial to medical office cleaning, our services include floor cleaning of all kinds, in compliance with all different schedules:

Commercial Office Cleaning

Our associates make sure the carpets in your offices, conference rooms, cubicles, break rooms, and public areas are clean at the start of each day’s work—no matter what happened to them during the previous day.

Industrial Cleaning Service

Our industrial division provides floor cleaning for VCT and concrete surfaces, including large open spaces, loading docks, and storage areas.

Medical Office Cleaning

Excellent floor care and sanitation are essential for preserving the health and safety of doctors, nurses, and their patients.

Beyond Appearance

A light vacuuming job might hide dirt from view, but we understand that it takes much more than that to thoroughly clean flooring surfaces that have been walked on, spilled on, and otherwise contaminated throughout a busy day. We use advanced techniques to verify that your carpets and hard flooring are the clean, safe surfaces that you deserve. Ask about our day porter service for areas that remain open to the public 24/7. Learn More About Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning Services Columbia SC

The protective coating on your floors can easily break down in high traffic areas. As a result, they will appear dull and worn out. Southjan’s floor maintenance program can help you maintain your floor surfaces and keep that shine!

Floor cleaning for your building

Floors are one of the most important surfaces in your building. Routine floor maintenance not only keeps them clean, but extends the life of your flooring surface.

Floor cleaning for your building

Commercial buildings often have a combination of floor surfaces. You need a company who has the knowledge and equipment to safely maintain them.

Floor cleaning for your building

Keeping a regularly scheduled cleaning will extend the life of your commercial grade carpet. Commercial carpets have to endure high traffic and dirt that can easily break down fibers and create stains. Waiting too long before your next cleaning can shorten the life span of your commercial carpet and possibly require costly replacement.